Makeup Science, Technology and Technique Workshops

Creative Artistry & FX hands-on makeup workshops deliver a strong working skill set in the application of important Ultra High Definition (UHD) makeup artistry techniques every professional makeup artist must have in proficiency for today’s high resolution media.  All makeup instruction is based through the science and principles of UHD camera transmission, recording and resolution format for film, television broadcast, video and print makeup application.  Acquiring UHD compliant makeup technology and techniques will ensure your artistry expertise and performance can meet the demand by productions in the current 4K, 8K, 12K and beyond resolution formats.

Today's highly competitive makeup industry requires the artist to possess a superior compliment of skills to stay ahead in this crowded and aggressive job market.  These courses give the artist the opportunity to strengthen and advance their fundamentals and/or acquire specialized skill sets that are vital for various fields of professional freelance work.  It's also required knowledge and execution for artists seeking to join the makeup union.  What sets these workshops apart from all others is that students are taught directly by a veteran multiple Emmy Award winning industry artist with extensive UHD knowledge and experience.

Targeted skill workshops taught by an inside-the-industry professional expert in a small class setting will always make you more “set ready” and save you valuable time and expense over a months long/large enrollment formal school setting that may not incorporate UHD specific makeup science training in their curriculum.  All instruction is 100% focused on building the student's proficiency in performance through state of the art knowledge and methods and without useless "filler" material to pad the workshop time.  This is serious education taught by a leading UHD makeup science expert and prepares the novice, entry level pro or seasoned beauty artists desiring to refine/advance their skills into UHD compliancy that can move you ahead in your career and above your competition.

All  seminars are limited to 20 students, workshops are strictly limited to 6 students per class for maximum attention to details and close oversight to student performance.  Each workshop listed below has a detailed information brochure outlining the course material to be taught, along with registration information. Class dates are posted on the Workshop Schedule and subject to change without prior notice.  Any changes will be updated and posted immediately on this page.

All workshops include lecture, demonstration, hands-on laboratory and student notebooks. Enrollment is first come first served basis and begins when the workshops are posted on the schedule, and is ongoing until they are filled.  To request a workshop details and registration brochures Contact Suzanne.

Hands-On Beauty & Hair Makeup Seminars and Workshops Offered:

* The Camera Ready Face for Stage and Screen Actors - Seminar
* Bridal Up-Do Hair Styling Techniques for Non-Hair Skilled Makeup Artists - Workshop
* High Definition Makeup University;  Master Makeup Techniques in Application for UHD - Workshop
* Knowledge Tool Set for Makeup in UHD: Advanced Makeup Color Theory, Light Physics and Camera Mechanics - Workshop
* "Mist"tique and Technique™ Airbrush Makeup for Face and Body Art - Workshop  (See Airbrush Technology and Technique Workshop Link)

Hands-On Special Makeup Effects Workshops Offered:

* “Out of Kit” Makeup Special Effects Techniques for UHD - Workshop
* Bald Cap  Application for UHD - Workshop
* Prosthetic Transfer Appliances and Application Techniques for UHD - Workshop
* Trauma Simulation SFX/Moulage for UHD - Workshop

2023  Fall Workshop/Seminar Schedule:

Tweens and Teens Special Effects Makeup Level 1 (Ages 13-18)
Date:           Saturday, October 21st
Location:  Copper Hills Center for the Arts
                     Peoria, AZ
Contact Suzanne for Registration

Tweens and Teens Special Effects Makeup Level 2 (Ages 13-18)
Date:           Saturday, November 18th
Location:  Copper Hills Center for the Arts
                     Peoria, AZ
Contact Suzanne for Registration

Camera Ready Face for Stage and Screen Actors Seminar (Ages 18 +)
Date:  Saturday, December 9th
Location: Copper Hills Center for the Arts
                    Peoria, AZ
Contact Suzanne for Registration