Natural Born Cosmetics Re-launch Website Coming Soon

Natural Born Cosmetics, a world-wide brand and following created by multiple Emmy Award winning makeup artist, Suzanne Patterson in 2006, was designed to meet the unique skin care needs of actors and actresses appearing on camera. The advent of the High Definition resolution video camera format during that time created a lot of difficult challenges for makeup artists, particularly in dealing with makeup coverage over a variety of topical skin issues that could be seen in much greater detail.

Suzanne saw early on that all performers would have to seriously power up their daily skin care regimen to present a better “canvas”, as makeup application success is entirely dependent on how good the texture and inherent color consistency is of bare skin. HD cameras at that time had a resolution 4 times greater than standard definition resolution, however today’s evolving UHD cameras are even higher resolution, at 8K and beyond. What this means is that every skin flaw or makeup skew becomes painfully visible to the human eye, and the average viewer can easily spot them, especially in close up shots or though the zoom features on many television sets.

Suzanne was among the leading artists in the nation who were addressing the issues of skin presentation in HD broadcast. With a strong background in skin histology and cosmetic chemistry formulation she created a line of clinically tested cosmeceutical grade products that addressed even the most sensitive of skin’s needs and solutions. Thus, Natural Born Cosmetics has a proven performance record over the past 18 years with an international clientele of devoted users.

Natural Born Cosmetics, fondly nicknamed as NBC cosmetics was sold exclusively through Paint and Powder Cosmetics, an international makeup supply company that had a successful run for nearly 19 years until the pandemic, and the ensuing economic downturn closed it’s doors in 2021. However, NBC had such a large following that it continues today with orders directly through Suzanne, who is in the process of completing an official website for the line. For more information on Natural Born Cosmetics please contact her at