High Definition Makeup University

Creative artistry & FX presents a series of High Definition Makeup Workshops throughout the year, and taught by a nationally renowned master makeup professional who leads the edge in makeup application techniques for Ultra High Definition (UHD) still and motion photograhy media.

High Definition Makeup University is your ultimate knowledge and skill in technique destination for intensive hands-on workshops that are designed to impact and uplink the technical performance expertise of all makeup artists, and further their working skill set in this ultra high resolution 4K format, that is rapidly advancing to 8K capture!

“Hi-Def” is here to stay and it is technology that is continuing to advance at lightening speed!  Makeup techniques for this medium will need to be frequently updated to the most current application methods used in the industry, and for makeup artists to stay relevant in their careers. High Definition Makeup University stays on the cutting edge of this medium so you can be sure you have the most up to date instruction, and hands-on in an actual working HD studio.

Come learn about the latest in High Definition makeup science from the best Hi-Def media makeup professionals working in the field today.  Experience hands-on with the instructors the correct techniques utilized in both hand applied and airbrush applied makeup for all HD media.  Know how to select and apply the appropriate makeup products to produce the right look that is camera ready correct for all HD recorded and live broadcast media.

These are must attend workshops for the novice as well as experienced artists who want to expand and strengthen their skills in application for this highly demanding digital medium, and stay relevant in Ultra High Defintion as it advances into 8K. See below for the schedule of workshops and how to register for them. 

High Definition Makeup University
2018 Workshop Schedule

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday, June 1st - June 3rd

Note: An additional class date will be added in late fall, please check back soon for that date.


Esprit Digital Arts Media
4116 Walney Road Suite B
Chantilly, VA 20151

Phone Information: 703-625-7235

To register for the workshop send an email to Suzanne and request a registration brochure to be sent to you.

The three day workshop features a full HDTV studio interactive experience for a complete end to end hands-on experience. Students will be carefully mentored by HDTV experts and will guide you through the basic production values, makeup product selections, and application techniques for HDTV..

The workshop is strictly limited to a maximum amount of attendees.  All registrations are first come first served. No walk-in registrations will be accepted the day of the workshop.

Testimonials on file in what makeup artists are saying about their HDMU learning experience:

"I learned so much at HDMU, especially the hands-on experience through the educational process. I felt it was so important for me and the rest of the class to learn from artists that had the depth of experience you and Sara have in HD. I did not realize there were two platforms of HDTV and the differences, and that was so important to learn. I have new techniques that are so valuable, not only for TV and video work, but for every aspect of makeup."

Makeup artist from Baltimore, MD

"Being the department head on a major sports television program I thought I had all the skills necessary for HD. I definitely learned so much more in this workshop and my techniques really show that now. The celebrity talent on my shows even comment on how great they are looking. I had some technical areas I struggled with but Suzanne helped me overcome that with her expertise and the supporting and empowering learning environment. This is a workshop not to be missed!"

Makeup Artist from Fredrick, MD

"The HDMU workshop was well organized! I found the knowledge I acquired was overwhelming but definitely not intimidating. I didn't know I had so much more to learn and this workshop is so important for that reason. The laboratory phase was so helpful and the instructor's attention to every student in the class was exceptional. I really appreciated the way you stopped and checked progress for our understanding by giving us reviews. Most importantly the rhythm between the instructors in their teaching style was easy to follow. I strongly recommend this workshop as a must have for any artist regardless of their makeup field specialty."

Makeup Artist from Silver Spring, MD

""I truly needed this class and I enjoyed it so much! I feel much more confident in attempting to work in HD. I will be taking more of your workshops because I see they are centered around principles of HD makeup applications.

Makeup Artist from Bowie, MD

"After signing up and taking other workshops and attending other makeup schools I can say, hands down, Suzanne's HDMU workshop was worth every cent. The information and techniques we learned has literally transformed my makeup career! No where else have I found the level of professional knowledge and experience that could truly take an artist to their next level, and HDTV is definitely a major level nearly every makeup artist will need to achieve in proficiency. You don't need to look any further for proven professional training in HD by the industry leaders".

Makeup Artist from New York, NY

"I can't recommend this workshop enough to artists, and this is knowledge and technique that is not being taught anywhere else. I didn't know about the two platforms of HD and now I feel confident to work in both. Regardless of your makeup medium, you need this workshop for the specialized techniques. I see makeup so much differently now, thank you Suzanne and Sara!"

Makeup Artist from Fairfax, VA

"This workshop was a tremendous learning experience. It covered areas of HD that was so important, and every makeup artist needs to understand the technical aspects of HD. It's not about the buzz about changing your hand, it involves so much more. I will be taking more of Suzanne's workshops for sure."

Makeup Artist from Clinton, NJ

"The knowledge that Suzanne and Sara taught so freely is exactly what I needed to have to de-mystify so much of what I have heard and read about HDTV. Their willingness to share with others is exceptional and will be back for more classes!

Makeup Artist from Sterling, VA

"This workshop was worth every penny to work with two of the top makeup artists in HDTV production. The hands-on instruction was superb in every way. Another exceptional workshop led by Suzanne and I am a better artist because of her!"

Makeup Artist from Washington, DC

"This workshop has been an invaluable experience for me. I learned an incredible amount of technique in application I couldn't find in any other workshop. I feel far more confident in my future work in HD media, and such a boost in technique for my fashion makeup portfolio. I got all my questions answered that I wondered for so long but couldn't find anywhere else. I can't wait to take more of these classes."

Makeup Artist from Washington, DC

"The teaching in this workshop is top rate in my book. I am so glad I found this class and it was worth the trip to attend. The instructors provided ongoing feedback on our work as we were doing the applications, and it was so detailed that I was learning from the input you were providing to the other students around me. I really respect successful professional artist instructors that give honest truth in their instruction because so many others just don't give away everything like you do. Thank you for not only teaching, but sharing your gifts and talents!"

Makeup Artist from Towson, MD

"This class is an absolute 10+! I loved that we could actually work in a studio setting and with the camera, and seeing our work on a huge monitor real time. It was outstanding instruction, and there is no other class like it. I can't wait to take more workshops, I will be back!

Makeup Artist from Boston, MA

"You will not find any other workshop that compares to this on the East Coast. The knowledge imparted and the extensive hands-on experience will make you confident and ready to work in the HD arena."

Makeup Artist from Springfield, VA

"I have taken several classes from Suzanne in the past, so when HDMU was created I immediately signed up for the workshop. I knew this was going to be another one of her cutting edge classes that would give me another acheivement level. I loved seeing my work in camera real time, and learning several different application techniques that I now see how extremely important they are. I feel like I have the best techniques available for me to work in this medium, and I will definitely be practicing to perfect them."

Makeup Artist from Annapolis, MD

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