Makeup Artistry Fundamental Skills Platform Program

The Makeup Artistry Fundamental Skills Platform is a unique, one-on-on schooling experience consisting of a series of hands-on workshops, and an ongoing mentoring curriculum that includes field experience. It was created as a means for the very beginning or developing makeup artist to receive personal one-on-one instruction and guidance from a seasoned industry professional.

Historically, this type of makeup training has proven that acquiring a full skillset in working fundamental makeup knowledge and technique from the beginning is crucial for full development later on in master makeup techniques, or artistry field specialties such as makeup special effects or editorial/fashion print work.

This intensive and highly compressed instruction/mentoring course is designed to allow the beginning or developing artist to significantly streamline their training and acquisition of strong fundamental makeup artistry skills directly from a working professional from "inside the industry". The program spares the student from the lengthy period of time and greater expense of physically attending a formal school. Best of all it is not padded with useless "filler" information or instruction that does not translate to working hand skills.

The Makeup Artistry Fundamental Skills Platform is modeled after the highly esteemed and time honored mentor/apprentice method of makeup training used by the major Hollywood studios for many years until the early 80’s, in which many seasoned Academy Award and Emmy Award winning makeup artists were superbly educated and skilled in media makeup arts in their early careers.

In respect to this distinguished methodology, the program is presented and taught in a concise, time-efficient and cost-effective process that delivers high quality results and proficient fundamental artistry skills that will give the student the utmost confidence in launching their professional makeup careers. All material and instruction is 100% focused on working knowledge and hands-on technique, and designed to build upon and translate talent and potential into real skill acquision and "set ready" performance.

A limited number of students are enrolled individually each year to allow a sufficient amount of time to schedule the intensive instructional sessions, and with sufficient practice time in-between each session. This allows the student to develop and refine their skill in techniques at their individual pace, and always under professional guidance.

The workshops are held in the Washington, DC metro area only. For more complete and detailed information about this course, or to check availability to schedule a session please contact Suzanne.

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