About the Progressive Airbrush Workshop

Students can immediately move ahead to this optional class with their newly acquired freehand skills and application techniques learned in the Elementary Workshop. This second day class focuses entirely on the use and expansion of the student's new skill set and ability, and moves them into creative design work with a variety airbrush makeup projects to completion.

Building on the functional knowledge and application techniques acquired in the Elementary class, we further expand on the development of student artistic composition by introducing advanced methods that utilize important color theory principles. Students also integrate a variety of airbrush sensatory experiences to their learning curve, which helps them visualize and apply their own imagination and artistic expression.

This workshop is fondly referred to by former students as the "playground of expression" because it pushes the student's knowledge and technique base into creative action, and allowing them to polish their newly acquired advanced skills into full professional airbrush proficiency.

Both the Elementary and Progressive workshops are intensive, hands-on full day courses, and provides uniform skill building with continuity in skill progression. We are proud of the fact that this is the only airbrush makeup workshop in the country that was curriculum approved by the International Federation of Airbrush Artists..

The workshops are strictly limited to 6 students per class for maximum attention to details and close oversight to student performance. Contact Suzanne for a details and registration brochure, and click the link below for the current class schedule.

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